Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boy with the incredible Brain


Amazing. This is worth your time to watch this.

The Boy with the incredible Brain

Extraordinary People - The Boy with the incredible Brain

Daniel Tammet first came to worldwide attention in March 2004 on
international Pi Day (3/14, of course) when he recited, from memory,
Pi to 22,514 decimal places. It took over five hours and set a new
European record. The event, which Daniel named "Pi in the Sky",
coincided with Einstein's birthday and took place in front of
Einstein's blackboard at the Museum of the History of Science in
Oxford, England. Daniel used that event to raise funds for the
National Society for Epilepsy because it was after a series of
childhood seizures that his extraordinary number and memory abilities
began, aligning him with that rare circumstance of the 'acquired
savant' in which such exceptional skills surface following some CNS
injury or disease. He is proud of the monies raised on behalf of this
organization, and certainly gave this worthy cause a good deal of visibility.

In addition to number and massive memory skills, Daniel has
exceptional language skills as well. He speaks French, German,
Spanish, Lithuanian, Esperanto and Icelandic. He learned the
difficult Icelandic language in seven days which was carefully
documented in the one hour film about Daniel titled The Boy with the
incredible Brain.