Friday, August 21, 2009

Vitamin B 17

I knew Dr. Krebs in Arizona many years ago. I bought vitamin B 15 and B 17 from him personally. His father and he worked on Laetrile vitamin B 17. Do your own research on the Internet to find out more information, yet let me give you a head start in your research if you're interested.
G. Edward Griffin - "A World Without Cancer ..."
The Story Of Vitamin B17 - 55:13 mins.

Remember this was made many years ago so the figures that he mentions on the video are much worse today. Yet the facts are I believe the same. This is only one of many reasons that I recommend eating raw apricot pits. You can order them from most any health food store. If they don't carry raw apricot pits ask them to order them in or go to a different store who will.

The video gives a history of the discovery of vitamin C from natural food helping people suffering from a condition now we know as scurvy. We don't see much scurvy today yet we do see pre-scurvy conditions and symptoms like bleeding gums, catching a cold or flu row easily. He also talks about pellagra and how it took 40 years before the doctors in America recognize that it was a deficiency in nutritional factors.

The video will give many other sources of Laetrile in food which I'm not going to list here because I want you to watch the video.

There has never been a cure of any condition with a man-made drug. Only natural food and food supplements with the natural vitamins or minerals that have been found to be successful. Vitamin B 17 is a very interesting story. It might make you mad but remember all you have to do is eat specific natural food in the raw state.

Also you can get the book "World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17" [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
by G. Edward Griffin
G. Edward Griffin (Author)
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(Author) "Examples of dishonesty and corruption in the field of drug research; a close look at the first major study which declared Laetrile (vitamin B17)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Ambrotose Research Published read it on PubMed.
Article published in a prominent, peer-reviewed medical journal and details a new mechanism of action for Mannatech Ambrotose product.

Whenever scientific researchers enter the keyword "Ambrotose" into the National Library of Medicine Scientific Database (PubMed), they will obtain full access to this research article.

Very briefly, this study demonstrates that both Ambrotose and Advanced Ambrotose have significant, biological effects. The mechanism of action appears to be mediated through a particular immune system cell, called a monocyte. The research was conducted by Eurofins Product Safety Laboratories.

The full research article is here:

Important Note: Because, this study was performed using a disease model to elucidate the mechanism of action, this study is not to be used in conjunction with sales of Mannatech products. I am bringing it to your attention, just as I have done with all the other recent publications so that you are aware of its existence and you can see the company is still fully committed to advancing the field of science for there patented glyconutrient products.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Autism" 1 in 400 now 1 in 150 children

1 in 400 children had autism 10 years ago, the estimate today has increased to about 1 in 150. About 1% of children have this disorder which threatens their health, well-being, productivity and relationships.
While there is only one drug approved by the FDA for the management of autism, the physicians and parents utilizing alternative therapies and adhering to unconventional (but apparently empowering) paradigms of the disorder are having outstanding results!
Webinar or Audio Aug 20, 2009
"Cutting Edge Management of Autism,"
with Elizabeth Owings, MD AND
“Autism - What Does it Mean?” with Moira Dolan, MD
Thursday, August 20
US Time: 6pm PT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET
UK Time: Friday, 1am
Sydney time: Friday, 11am
For Audio Only: 916-233-3088, access code 510-655-718
or Listen Online

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Don't drink it , use it to clean.

** To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of Coke
into the load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run
through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen
grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your

** The distributors of Coke have been using it to clean
engines of the trucks for over 20 years!

** To loosen a rusted bolt: Apply a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola
to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

** To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the
toilet bowl and let the 'real thing' sit for one hour,
then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes
stains from vitreous china.

** To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour
a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble
away the corrosion.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zrii Juice you are paying for water, shipping and preservatives

Zrii Juice just Hype?

Read the label, it’s just grape and pear juice overpriced. Why pay $29 for grape and pear juice. It's not organic and it is pasteurized.

Like some of the new sports drinks that are a sugar water with the tiniest amount of some nutrient or ginseng or some other herb to be legal to say it is in there. But to get any real benefit from it you would have to drink 30 bottles at once.

The pomegranate juice and grape probably does you more good than the rest of the berries and ingredients. Well if they weren't pasteurized they might.

If the product was 10% pear, grape, pomegranate or apple and the rest was all the supposedly beneficial berries, and it was naturally preserved or refrigerated and not pasteurized, or if you just got the freeze dried powder like PhytAloe and other Berry products it might be good.

But there is not enough in here to do any good if the magic berry really had any nutrients you couldn't get elsewhere. But this is not new, you can get the same beneficial type of nutrients and antioxidants in other fruits, so they are only using this berry as hype because it looks like something new.

Check the studies to see how much berry you need to get the nutrients, and what the actual level of these types of nutrients are compared to other berries. It’s not even better if you got enough of it.

If the people who are telling you about this product are this uneducated about natural supplementation and health, why would you trust them?

There are loads of better berry concentrates in capsule or powder in the health store you can add to your own grape juice.

Don Partridge & I agree with him.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Frst President was not George Washington

Presidents of the Continental Congress
Peyton Randolph
September 5, 1774 October 22, 1774
Henry Middleton
October 22, 1774 October 26, 1774
Peyton Randolph
May 20, 1775 May 24, 1775
John Hancock
May 25, 1775 October 29, 1777
Henry Laurens
November 1, 1777 December 9, 1778
John Jay
December 10, 1778 September 28, 1779

Declaration of Independence Continental Congress

Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled

Samuel Huntington*
September 28, 1779 July 6, 1781
Thomas McKean
July 10, 1781 November 4, 1781
John Hanson
November 5, 1781 November 3, 1782
Elias Boudinot
November 4, 1782 November 2, 1783
Thomas Mifflin
November 3, 1783 November 2, 1784**
Richard Henry Lee
November 30, 1784 November 22, 1785
John Hancock
November 23, 1785 June 5, 1786
Nathaniel Gorham
June 6, 1786 November 13, 1786
Arthur St. Clair
February 2, 1787 October 29, 1787
Cyrus Griffin
January 22, 1788 January 21, 1789

From Wikipedia:

President George Washington He served as President till April 30, 1789, until March 4, 1797

How to read the label, Natural or Synthetic vitamins

How to determine if your vitamins are natural or synthetic I want you to have a way to determine whether your vitamins are natural or synthetic.
How to determine if your vitamins are natural or synthetic
I want you to have a way to determine whether your vitamins are natural or synthetic. The following list, will help you determine what you are paying for with your hard earned money.

Things to look for in a Multiple Vitamin and single or combination vitamins.
Since Synthetic vitamins are less effective and less bio available or we could say less utilized and absorbed by the cells let's go with natural the way our Creator put them in food.

*Synthetic vitamin A as Lemon Grass, Palmitate, Acetate or if source not given on the label.
*Synthetic Vitamin B-1 as Thiamin Mononitrate, Thiamin Hydrochloride
*Synthetic Vitamin B-2 as Riboflavin
*Synthetic Vitamin B-6 as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride,
*Synthetic PABA Aminobenzoic Acid
*Synthetic Folic Acid as Pteroylglutamic Acid
*Synthetic Biotin as d-Biotin
*Synthetic Choline as Choline Chloride & Choline Bitartrate
Here is an example of deception on a label Vitamin B-1 Thiamin Hydrochloride and Brewer’s Yeast, it’s Synthetic B-1 with a pinch of natural B-1 from Brewer’s Yeast. The health food store will play up the yeast when 99% of it is from Synthetic B-1

*Synthetic vitamin C as Ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate, sodium ascorbate
*Synthetic vitamin D as Irradiated Ergosteral (Yeast), Calciferol
*Synthetic vitamin E as “DL-Alpha tocopherol”
*Vitamin F Essential Fatty Acids, do not use Omega 6 and 9, only use Omega 3 is safe
*Synthetic vitamin K as Menadione

In Judith DeCava's book, The Real Truth about Vitamins and Antioxidants, she defines a vitamin as "a complex mechanism...of functional, interrelated, interdependent components. A vitamin consists of, not only the organic nutrient(s) identified as the vitamin, but also enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants and trace element activators." A vitamin complex is not simply an individual chemical or several chemicals. It must contain all factors that make up the vitamin in its entirety. Just like a car is not four tires, nor a wheel, nor an engine, but rather it is a "car" when all parts are complete and working together.

If you want a more complete list eMail me,
Ken Anderson

Courts say vaccines at fault for kid's disability

Courts say vaccines at fault for kid's disability
Barabara Loe Fisher on CBSNews (on her son and her findings)
WC Douglass, M.D. wrote:

The medical community may not be ready to acknowledge the
dangers of vaccinations, but the nation's courts don't seem to have a
problem doing it.

Courts recently ruled that there is a possible link between
vaccinations and autism, and the Circuit Court of Appeals says a child
who suffers from a seizure disorder brought on by a vaccination at eight
weeks of age is legally entitled to compensation.

At the age of just eight weeks, this child received the DPT
vaccination (diptheria, whole- cell pertussis, and tetanus). Lawyers
argued that the resulting seizure prompted a low IQ and other
developmental delays, and the court agreed.

Of course, when you're an objective observer like a judge (and
aren't influenced by Big Pharma cash), it's easy to see there's likely a
potential danger to pumping three deadly diseases into a newborn baby.

I hope that the news of this ruling will spread, and get
rational folks thinking about the potential dangers of compulsory
vaccinations for swine flu or other forms of influenza that are now
being discussed.

But my fear is always that the money being made from
vaccinations by Big Pharma will forever overrule common sense on this issue.

Always giving truth a shot in the arm,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

EWOT - Exercising with Oxygen Therapy (OEE)

An Important Adjunct to Living a Longer, Healthier Life. By Michael Grant White
Around 1996, I bought a great book written by Dr. Mandfred von Ardenne of Germany. I was short of cash then, but felt it was so important that I spent my last $80. Boy, was it worth it! Dr. von Ardenne was probably Otto Warberg's prize student Warberg, you may recall, received the 1931 Nobel Prize for proving that cancer can only grow in an oxygen-starved environment. Cancer is anaerobic. Manfred went on to do approximately 150 studies combining exercise with extra oxygen. He called it Oxygen Multistep Therapy, and I gladly spent my last bit of cash to learn about it.
Now, I see that many people are borrowing his ideas and calling it Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) and have created home-exercise programs using some of his techniques. However, EWOT is an illness-model paradigm. It addresses sick people. See your doctor about this if you are sick. Insurance may pay for it.
Manfred and Otto made such good sense about the importance of oxygen that I created my own program, which I call Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (OEE), a non-medical model, which we will talk about later in this article.
A primary reason for aging is the failure of enzymatic systems that are responsible for your body's uptake and utilization of oxygen. When your cells don't get enough oxygen, they get weaker and weaker—and so do you.
Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen may greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, i.e., the nearly colorless liquid carrying the red and white cells. This can be determined by testing the blood-oxygen levels in the arteries or veins. Quite often (but not always) after 15 minutes of exercising with oxygen, there is a dramatic "pinking" of an exerciser’s skin. If this can be seen by simple observation, then it follows that the tiny capillaries, the blood vessels tinier than a strand of hair, are carrying extra oxygen not only to the skin’s surface, but to all the cells in the body. Energy, vision and mental clarity may improve immediately. Streaming, energy currents, buzzing, tingling, and breeze-like sensations may be felt in different areas of the body.
Many contemporary scientists say you can't increase the oxygen in your blood by breathing extra oxygen. I disagree. What they most likely mean is that you can't increase the oxygen in your red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues. The reason many say the amount of oxygen in the red blood cells cannot be increased is because, under most circumstances, they are already 97.3% saturated with oxygen. So they say a three-percent increase will make little difference, and the red blood cells won't accept the extra oxygen anyway.
While this is true, the role of oxygen in the plasma needs to be considered. Many (but not all) people can, by taking lots of slow deep breaths, cause the oxygen content of the plasma itself to be significantly increased, and thus oxygen will be "pushed" into the body's cells without the aid of the red blood cells. It's based on the "Law of Mass Action," which states that if you build up the concentration of a certain component in a chemical mixture high enough, chemical combining will take place with other elements in the mixture, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t happen. In this way, the normal "shunting," or oxygen's bypassing cellular uptake, is partly reduced and the cells get extra O2 anyway. Transformational breathwork (where one lies down and gently increases their breathing rate for a period of time) works a great deal in this manner, and this partly explains why so many "healings" occur by just doing more good breathing in a safe and supportive environment.
Most of the oxygen in the plasma under these high-saturation circumstances will be shunted/bypassed and "wasted" in that it will not be absorbed by the cells, which normally expect to be "fed" oxygen by the red blood cells. But if only one-tenth of one percent of this oxygen gets through, and you offer your cells this extra O2 dose every day, there will be an extensive increase in your total tissue-oxygen levels. My goal is to keep the oxygen level of my blood as close to optimum (100% on the pulse oxymeter scale) for as long as possible—and ideally, for life.
Eventually, although this is a little more difficult for me to prove, every organ and the tissues (brain, kidneys, heart, eyes, and even the tips of the fingers and toes) will be bathed in extra amounts of life-sustaining oxygen. If the blood gets more O2, then most often so should the rest of the body.
Some say if you exercise vigorously, you will increase the oxygenation of the blood and hence your tissues. But this is not true, especially for those that have a CO2 imbalance.
If you try Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (OEE), and I believe everyone should, make sure you actually feel better after you have a session. If you are tired or get no results after 5-10 sessions, then you may not have a physiological or respiratory imbalance, and should consult a health professional. You can restart the OEE after you get back to a more stabilized health condition. The health professional may need an Optimal Breath Trainer to properly assess you for any degree of UDB (undeveloped deep breathing) or overbreathing (O2/CO2 imbalance).
This OEE should work for just about everyone, regardless of their health or condition. Even sitting on a rebounder and gently bouncing up and down can work wonders in increasing your energy stores.
You can run, swim or walk for miles and not increase the oxygen content of your blood. You may even decrease your blood oxygen as the body burns oxygen to cover the degree of increased muscular activity.
You may also be producing insufficient blood-CO2 levels that will compromise O2 transfer into the blood cells and the mitochondria. Thus, you will develop "oxygen-rich blood" IF you do not have this form of hidden hyperventilation, also called "overbreathing." Overbreathing can only be uncovered if you test your arterial CO2 levels to make sure you are producing enough CO2. Dr. Peter Litchfield, one of the Optimal Breathing Institute’s core faculty members, has invented such a device that is portable and can be used by lay people as well as health professionals. E-mail Peter for more info on the capnometer.