Thursday, August 20, 2009
Ambrotose Research Published read it on PubMed.
Article published in a prominent, peer-reviewed medical journal and details a new mechanism of action for Mannatech Ambrotose product.

Whenever scientific researchers enter the keyword "Ambrotose" into the National Library of Medicine Scientific Database (PubMed), they will obtain full access to this research article.

Very briefly, this study demonstrates that both Ambrotose and Advanced Ambrotose have significant, biological effects. The mechanism of action appears to be mediated through a particular immune system cell, called a monocyte. The research was conducted by Eurofins Product Safety Laboratories.

The full research article is here:

Important Note: Because, this study was performed using a disease model to elucidate the mechanism of action, this study is not to be used in conjunction with sales of Mannatech products. I am bringing it to your attention, just as I have done with all the other recent publications so that you are aware of its existence and you can see the company is still fully committed to advancing the field of science for there patented glyconutrient products.

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