Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zrii Juice you are paying for water, shipping and preservatives

Zrii Juice just Hype?

Read the label, it’s just grape and pear juice overpriced. Why pay $29 for grape and pear juice. It's not organic and it is pasteurized.

Like some of the new sports drinks that are a sugar water with the tiniest amount of some nutrient or ginseng or some other herb to be legal to say it is in there. But to get any real benefit from it you would have to drink 30 bottles at once.

The pomegranate juice and grape probably does you more good than the rest of the berries and ingredients. Well if they weren't pasteurized they might.

If the product was 10% pear, grape, pomegranate or apple and the rest was all the supposedly beneficial berries, and it was naturally preserved or refrigerated and not pasteurized, or if you just got the freeze dried powder like PhytAloe and other Berry products it might be good.

But there is not enough in here to do any good if the magic berry really had any nutrients you couldn't get elsewhere. But this is not new, you can get the same beneficial type of nutrients and antioxidants in other fruits, so they are only using this berry as hype because it looks like something new.

Check the studies to see how much berry you need to get the nutrients, and what the actual level of these types of nutrients are compared to other berries. It’s not even better if you got enough of it.

If the people who are telling you about this product are this uneducated about natural supplementation and health, why would you trust them?

There are loads of better berry concentrates in capsule or powder in the health store you can add to your own grape juice.

Don Partridge & I agree with him.

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