Friday, March 1, 2013

A Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy.

A vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy. Yet synthetic vitamin C called ascorbic acid does not reverse and cure the condition. Because it's not food. Ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate are all man-made synthetic vitamin C, not one of these three man-made synthetic vitamin C sources of vitamin C will cure scurvy. Real food that God has made like lemons and limes with this real food vitamin C does clear up and cure the disease of scurvy. Check your vitamin bottle labels to see if you're taking man-made synthetic vitamin C, okay? Vitamin C has many functions in the body over seven specifically and synthetic vitamin C only helps in one of those seven categories. Since "synthetic vitamin C ascorbic acid" is made from petroleum – oil (tar) and petroleum is from the earth then it can be called natural, but it's not food. God designed us to eat food & when we do we function and feel good. As long as you're not deficient in any molecules that your body needs to function properly. All auto immune disorders are a deficiency of one or more nutrients. They can also be from too many toxins yet when the bodies well-nourished of all the nutrients God designed our body so that we could detoxify. Scurvy is probably best known as a condition that once affected sailors on long sea voyages. There is one cause of this condition, and that is an inadequate amount of vitamin C in the diet. Sailors used to take large amounts of fruit — usually lemons or limes — onto their ships, and when the fruit ran out, scurvy could set in. Some of the common symptoms of this condition include pale skin with reddish or purple spots, frequent colds and runny nose, sunken eyes, tender gums, bleeding gums from simply brushing teeth is a real red flag of a danger, and diarrhea.
This condition occurs when the body has depleted its store of vitamin C. The exact time scale for the condition to appear depends on how much vitamin C the body has stored. After the intake of vitamin C has ceased, scurvy can set in within anywhere from a week to three months.
The symptoms of scurvy include a number of ailments within the body. Sufferers can feel extremely fatigued as well as nauseated. They might also experience an overall feeling of discomfort, and pain will be felt in the muscles and joints of the body.
If the sufferer has cuts or wounds, they might take a long time to heal properly. In the mouth area, the teeth might become loose, and there may be some swelling and bleeding in the gums. The hair and skin will become dry.
Another major symptom is bleeding into the body’s muscles and joints, such as in the knees and arms. This symptom is extremely painful. If scurvy appears in a child, it can have consequences on the child’s natural growth. Thin tissue that encases the child’s bones will begin to bleed, causing pain and growth irregularities.
Scurvy is not as common as it once was. Vitamin C can easily be obtained from fruits, vegetables and drinks, including fresh raw cow or goat milk. The body needs vitamin C to maintain healthy skin and bones. Our body cannot manufacture vitamin C like all other animals (with the exception of fruit eating bat the rhesus monkey and the guinea pig). Real food vitamin C ensures healthy growth in the hair and helps heal any wounds, cuts or bruises.
Some people are more susceptible to an insufficiency of this important vitamin C not because there unique in some way it is because they eat more junk food, process food and much less real food. Older people might be lacking in it because they often don't eat fresh produce (because of bad teeth or dentures) and they don't drink raw milk. A diet that is low in vitamin C is the biggest risk factor for scurvy. Scurvy can be diagnosed by a simple blood test. If there is a deficiency in the vitamin C levels in the white blood cells, then adequate treatment will be required. Man-made synthetic vitamin C will not clear up the condition.
This condition is easily treated. Improving the diet to strengthen the levels of vitamin C is all that is necessary a supplement of real food technology supplying vitamin C will speed up the process.. The symptoms should disappear within a day to a few weeks. Maintaining a diet of real food that is rich in vitamin C will prevent any further attacks of this condition.