Friday, August 7, 2009

Courts say vaccines at fault for kid's disability

Courts say vaccines at fault for kid's disability
Barabara Loe Fisher on CBSNews (on her son and her findings)
WC Douglass, M.D. wrote:

The medical community may not be ready to acknowledge the
dangers of vaccinations, but the nation's courts don't seem to have a
problem doing it.

Courts recently ruled that there is a possible link between
vaccinations and autism, and the Circuit Court of Appeals says a child
who suffers from a seizure disorder brought on by a vaccination at eight
weeks of age is legally entitled to compensation.

At the age of just eight weeks, this child received the DPT
vaccination (diptheria, whole- cell pertussis, and tetanus). Lawyers
argued that the resulting seizure prompted a low IQ and other
developmental delays, and the court agreed.

Of course, when you're an objective observer like a judge (and
aren't influenced by Big Pharma cash), it's easy to see there's likely a
potential danger to pumping three deadly diseases into a newborn baby.

I hope that the news of this ruling will spread, and get
rational folks thinking about the potential dangers of compulsory
vaccinations for swine flu or other forms of influenza that are now
being discussed.

But my fear is always that the money being made from
vaccinations by Big Pharma will forever overrule common sense on this issue.

Always giving truth a shot in the arm,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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