Friday, August 21, 2009

Vitamin B 17

I knew Dr. Krebs in Arizona many years ago. I bought vitamin B 15 and B 17 from him personally. His father and he worked on Laetrile vitamin B 17. Do your own research on the Internet to find out more information, yet let me give you a head start in your research if you're interested.
G. Edward Griffin - "A World Without Cancer ..."
The Story Of Vitamin B17 - 55:13 mins.

Remember this was made many years ago so the figures that he mentions on the video are much worse today. Yet the facts are I believe the same. This is only one of many reasons that I recommend eating raw apricot pits. You can order them from most any health food store. If they don't carry raw apricot pits ask them to order them in or go to a different store who will.

The video gives a history of the discovery of vitamin C from natural food helping people suffering from a condition now we know as scurvy. We don't see much scurvy today yet we do see pre-scurvy conditions and symptoms like bleeding gums, catching a cold or flu row easily. He also talks about pellagra and how it took 40 years before the doctors in America recognize that it was a deficiency in nutritional factors.

The video will give many other sources of Laetrile in food which I'm not going to list here because I want you to watch the video.

There has never been a cure of any condition with a man-made drug. Only natural food and food supplements with the natural vitamins or minerals that have been found to be successful. Vitamin B 17 is a very interesting story. It might make you mad but remember all you have to do is eat specific natural food in the raw state.

Also you can get the book "World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17" [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
by G. Edward Griffin
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(Author) "Examples of dishonesty and corruption in the field of drug research; a close look at the first major study which declared Laetrile (vitamin B17)

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