Thursday, December 10, 2009

Think about Service Not Sales

Most people concentrate on the sales they want to make, yet if they would forget about selling and concentrate on service that they're going to render the be far better off. Because the moment people's attention is concentrated on service to others, they become more dynamic, more forceful, and harder to resist.

How can you resist someone who is trying to help you solve a problem? I tell my distributors "that if they would start out each morning with the thought, 'I want to help as many people as I possibly can today, 'instead of 'I want to make as many sales as possible today,'they would find a more easy and happy approach to their clients and they would help more people.

"The person who goes out to help people to be happier and healthier is exercising the highest type of service."

And in my business where we help people feel better after they take the products and learn more about a natural wellness lifestyle everybody is a winner. It goes with the term win-win scenario.

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