Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do not eat that junk?

Modern diet today is so desperately lacking in nutrient compared to those of our ancestors' days. How so?

With the advancement of technology, most of our foods are manufactured, genetically re-engineered, and processed. Being busy people, we start to rely heavily on instant meals. We spend lesser time preparing fresh foods.
One orange in 1951 vs. 10 oranges today!

Even the foods that we do prepare in our kitchen with all the sophisticated equipments, kill and destroy the nutrients and enzymes that our bodies so crave. Just what are we doing to our bodies?

As I did my own research, I was shocked with the many findings about the foods that I have been consuming in my first thirty years of life. By knowing the damages these foods are doing to my body, I started making conscious efforts to change my eating habits.

I may not be able to cover everything here but I want to share with you, some of the basic common foods we all take without thinking of the damaging impact they have on our health. Some of which we have even regarded as "healthy".

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