Thursday, September 8, 2011

I no longer need to sell synthetic vitamins

With a new patented process I no longer need to sell synthetic vitamins like I have in the past 40 years. All of my people today are getting better results than ever before after switching from vitamins made from petroleum and rocks.

You should switch also!

I owned a Health Food store for 15 years selling what I thought was good products. 95% of everything in the Health Food stores are synthetic vitamins and ground up rock dust. 95% of what is sold in ALL multilevel companies as vitamins are also synthetic. It's true there better than
nothing but they can be harmful yet not as harmful as prescription drugs or over the counter drugs yet harmful nonetheless. Over 95% of the vitamins and minerals sold by chiropractors and naturopathic doctors are synthetic wit the minerals from rock dust & dirt. For 10 years I sold private label vitamins to doctors and Health Food Stores, now I know were synthetic.

The truth about what’s really in most vitamins is shocking. Coal tar, petroleum, rocks: they’re all common ingredients in synthetic supplements, which make up 95% of the nutritional supplement market in America alone. Ingredients like that simply aren’t absorbed well (if at all) by your body. Add to it that we typically don’t consume all the nutrients we need at the proper levels in our diet, and it’s no surprise that malnutrition is the #1 health risk in the world, affecting more than 925 million people worldwide. Is this you?

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