Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Vaccinate Without Parental Consent, a SCAM

To vaccinate without parental consent should be treated by the child same way as physical assault by a stranger kick, scream & fight.

"Child Administered 4 Vaccines Without Parental Consent."
It appears the time has come for parents who oppose vaccination to instruct their children to kick, scream, and fight if any authorities at school, a doctor’s office or anyone else ever attempts to vaccinate them.

An attempt by someone to vaccinate a minor without parental consent should be treated by the child the same way as physical assault by a stranger, with the threat to health being extremely grave in either situation.

In other words, the child should be taught to resist and refuse, even screaming for another adult to come to their assistance if necessary.

Detroit mother Sighle Kinney is probably wishing she had done something similar as her 14 year old daughter was recently administered no less than FOUR vaccines, including HPV, without her knowledge or consent.

The mother is “angry with everybody” over this turn of events particularly since she specifically signed a document indicating that medical treatment must never be administered to her daughter without her consent.

Ms. Kinney’s daughter developed a rash all over her body as a result of the poison forcibly injected into her body and had to miss several days of school as a result.

The medical establishment is scanning parents into thinking that vaccinations are always safe and always necessary.

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