Saturday, September 14, 2013

9 Things to Look for In Choosing Healthy Tomatoes.

* Farmers market with a sign saying organic. In a grocery store the sticker should start with the number "9" not a "4" Means there organic. This is true with all produce in a grocery store.
*  Vine ripened tomatoes are best, so they should have a stem still attached.
*  When you slice it is should be juicy and solid not with big air pockets. See my 3 min video below.
*  It should be completely ripe and not green.  See my 3 min video below.
*  It should have a lot of flavor and not taste like cardboard.
*  Food enzymes are only found in raw uncooked tomatoes.
*  After slicing open the tomato they start losing their nutritional value very rapidly so it's best to always eat them in less than three hours. I'm referring to the enzymes, many phytochemicals and the vitamins. The mineral content does not change.
*  Dehydrated tomatoes or frozen and canned tomatoes have less enzymes and vitamins.
*  Each variety of tomatoes have different nutritional values of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, glyco nutritionals and amino acids. So it's best to not eat to see kind or type of tomato year after year. Use a variety to get these other nutritional factors that one tomato might have been another variety will not.
It's these small things in life that make a difference in our good health and that of our family.

Scientist say there is up to 10,000 different nutrients in tomatoes. They also say that some tomatoes have as little as 200 to 1000 watch my three minute video to understand the difference in tomatoes.
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