Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spices and Your Health

Most spices are good to use. There simply herbs and herbs have nutritional value. Problem is, like everything in the food category there's people selling poor quality food and poor quality spices. Go to the health food store and buy your spices. That doesn't guarantee that your getting organic fresh and top-quality yet I can almost guarantee that what you get in regular grocery stores is far less in food value.

Black Pepper: Get the whole pepper and grind it fresh with a pepper grinder. Many spices have oils in them and they oils if old can go rancid. Rancid oils speed up the aging process therefore are high in oxidative stress. That means that more antioxidants should be taken as a supplement to offset these rancid oils.
The finer grind it is the better. Be sure it is organic.

Check out my video on enzymes and raw food

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