Saturday, May 7, 2011


Do these WELLNESS BENEFITS appeal to you?
Your doctor is amazed with your physical exam
Do more, do it better and more often
You no longer have health issues to talk about
Having energy to participate
Food cravings no longer haunt you
Winning the battle with inflammation and discomfort
Confidence your health won't let you down
Overcoming anxiety and mental stress
Looking, feeling, and acting younger
Wouldn't it be great to say...?

In my working life I'm...
happy that my work is time-flexible
thrilled to be paid what I'm really worth
joyful to live a purpose-driven life
blessed by meaningful personal relationships
honored to be a hero every day for someone
challenged to make a difference in many lives
secure knowing I'm building residual income
glad to see opportunities for personal growth
assured I won't be laid off or down-sized by my company
thankful I don't have to be away from my family to do my job
Well, believe it! You can have all that!

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