Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Victory Gardens We can grow 10 million tons of food

Urban Preparedness Message from Survival Joe...

During both World Wars, millions of people in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom planted "Victory Gardens." In no time, Americans were producing 40 percent of their vegetables in their own backyard (about 10 million tons).

Feeding the troops put a major strain on the food system. And most farm laborers became enlisted soldiers. So governments encouraged people to grow their own. It quickly became a part of daily life.

But people didn't just stick to backyards. They were growing victory gardens on the rooftops of buildings, public parks (including San Francisco's Golden Gate Park). Even a vacant lot would be "commandeered by the war effort!" and transformed into a
cornfield or a squash patch.

I'm bringing this up to prove to you that you can survive off your own local gardening efforts. It's been done before. It'll probably be done again.

In fact, it may one day (soon) become the only way to survive.

Whether you'd love the idea of living off the land or not... I
believe every family needs to be PREPARED to do so. In Food Crisis
2: How to Prepare for a Long-Term Food Shortage I show how to get
ready so that if the food system fails you can start a survival
garden as soon as weather permits.

To get a copy of Food Crisis 2 or to find out more about what it
includes please go to:

At the link above, Survival Joe has included a stunning photo from 1943 of many backyard Victory Gardens. Check it out.

Don't be scared. Be prepared.
Survival Joe

Note from me: Food matters, Watch this 2 min video at We are what we eat, digest.


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